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These articles are written for someone who is a Casino Host or Player Development Executive.

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Host Essentials

Here are some articles that cover the Host Essentials:

Beyond the Essentials

  • The 10 Traits of Successful Hosts will help you to succeed and also keep you out of trouble. No reason to add extra stress to your already busy day.
  • This can be a very unhealthy lifestyle and it will show on your face, your skin, and your waistline. Read some easy tips to get that Healthy Glow.
  • What’s your personal style? Delta or Virgin Atlantic? And have you checked with your manager for their preference?
  • Do you have guests that complain about offers? Yes, as a Host, you often have to pick up the pieces from the Direct Mail program.

Reaching out!

A large part of your job involves reaching out to your players.

  • Most of us do not like picking up the phone and making a cold call. In other words, calling someone when they don’t expect it. Here are 8 Tips on how to make those calls. You might be calling to invite them to an Event, or just to keep in contact.
  • You need to call your coded players on a regular basis to keep the relationship alive and also because they have not played recently. You might struggle to come up with an excuse! Here are 7 Reasons to Call your guests so you are not just saying ‘Hi, How are you?‘ which is pretty lame.
  • Get up! Stand up! Fight for your (trips and hotel nights). Yes, it really does help to stand up to make your outbound calls. Here are six reasons why.
  • You will be sending out letters and cards. Yes, really! Here are some tips and disasters.

Growing the Business!

You are in the business of Player Development with emphasis on Development!

Sometimes you can run out of creative ideas on how to engage the Guests. Here are some tips.

Do you have a great idea for improving Guest Service but no-one wants to listen? Here are 6 Key Steps to Getting Your Way, which is a succinct guide to how to sell your ideas to Casino Management.

Have you been given goals? Here are some steps that you can take to build momentum and exceed your goals. 7 Steps for Hosts to Exceed Their Goals. 

The Importance of Pace – it is important to know where you stand every day, and not at the end of the Quarter!


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