Become A Host

small ladyDo you want to become a Casino Host in the future? Or are you applying to be a Host and you want to know the interview questions?

Good for you, for taking the time to prepare yourself for the interview.

The articles on this page will give you a start. Then purchase a short book How to Become a Casino Host. Available from Amazon

(Are you a Realtor? Working in a Bank? Selling some kind of face-to-face product? Casino’s do hire hosts from other industries.  This book will show you how to transfer your skills into the world of the Casino Host.)

These articles will give you a flavor for the job. It’s a busy job with lots of responsibilities.

If this has given you a good flavor for being a Casino Host then go and read all of the Host Articles! Perhaps you can read one a week and focus on bringing these skills into your daily work life. And sign up to receive new ones.



Casino Host Goals and Host CRM

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