Casino Host Goals Book

Casino Host Goals

A structured approach to Player Development. 

Read this book and you will have a road-map for success as you create or improve your Player Development program. It belongs on the shelf of any Casino Executive who wants to drive revenue from a structured approach to PD.

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Why set goals?

As managers, we set goals so that employees are crystal clear on their priorities and how to allocate their time. Without clear goals, Hosts face a daily dilemma of how to divide their time between reacting to who is here, and reaching out to who is not here.

This book is based on our 9 years of experience of helping Player Development managers use our solution, PowerHost, to implement Casino Host Goals.

The gaming industry has become extremely competitive. The Player Development (PD) team must balance reactive customer service skills with proactive sales skills; and setting Host Goals is the way to drive this behavior.

  • Attract and retain new valuable players,
  • Maintain and grow existing players, and
  • Re-activate players that have disappeared or declined.

For your Player Development team to drive revenue, you have to set the targets and provide all of the tools and techniques that will ensure success. This book is written from experience, and you will benefit from the hits and misses of your peers!

Buy now from Amazon for just $21.

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Casino Host Goals and Host CRM

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