Lovely Reminders to Ask Questions

The phrase Emotional Intelligence is thrown around a lot in articles about Player Development. The intelligence to accurately recognize another person’s emotions through their words, body language, and facial expressions. And the intelligence to respond appropriately with our own words, body language and facial control. You can see how appropriate this is to hosting Casino guests. (And if you want to try your hand, then take this quiz!)

Of course, there are tremendous cultural variations in our behavior, that can completely throw off one’s Emotional Radar. I am British, I’ve lived in the US for over 30 years, and I am back in England to take care of my 86 year old Mother after a stroke. As I walk around the town and navigate the shops and the Hospital, I realize every now and then that I have done something slightly inappropriate! I have a strong enough Emotional Radar to pick up on their reaction, but I don’t know my mistake because I have forgotten so many details about how to interact in this culture! Even though I visit twice a year.

However. There is another important component of dealing with others, and that is Respect. I’ve seen how my Mother was treated in the Hospital and now how she is being treated in the Rehabilitation Home, and that is with a great deal of Respect. So the attached picture from Facebook really struck a chord with me. Take a look at this lovely way of using photographs to distinguish between how a person is seen, and how they see themselves.

Many of our most valuable Casino Guests are in the demographic of these pictures (and 20-30 years older than our Hosts!) These guests will greatly appreciate our respect as we take the time to ask about their lives, to hear their stories (perhaps repeated), and thank them for all they bring to this experience of being alive.

(This picture is from

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