8 Tips for Cold Calling

Part of your job is to cold-call players. There is a big difference between engaging a person with your eyes and smile, and placing an outbound call to someone who might not want to hear from your right now. The trick is to mentally climb down inside that phone and stand right in front of them!

In a recent post, we talked about 7 Reasons to Make a Call. Now, let’s explore 8 Tips on how to make those bound calls:

Make a Plan. Be clear in your mind about your Reason To Call, and the outcome you want to achieve. Are you calling to touch base, to get information, or to close their commitment to an Event? What are you going to say if they decline? How will you respond if they are irritated at the interruption?

Be Ready For Voicemail. Decide ahead of time whether you are going to hang up or leave a voicemail. If you are going to leave a voicemail, then plan what you are going to say so you are not recording any ‘Ums’. Write this message down so you are ready to roll when you are dropped into voicemail.

Rev Yourself Up! You don’t want to get into the phone with over-the-top crazy enthusiasm! But your voice and words had better convey some passion about what you are describing. Literally standing up is a good idea because your voice has more energy if you are not slumped in a chair. Plus, you will tend to walk about and be more animated.

It’s Not About You. Put yourself in a mindset that begins and ends with the player’s best interests at heart. If you can focus on how you are trying to help them, they will hear that tone in your voice and respond well. Even if they are not interested in your information, they will be grateful that you cared. For example, they may say, ‘I am not interested in this concert but please keep me in mind next time.’

Compare these two approaches…

“Kim, we are having a great Fireworks event and I would love to book you in….” (all about you)

“Kim, I am calling because I think you would really enjoy this Fireworks Event. I know you get a lot of mail and I didn’t want you to miss this offer. Are you going to join us on Saturday for the fun and excitement?” (all about Kim)

Grab Their Attention. Don’t start with a tentative ‘Am I interrupting you?’ because they will think Yes! Even if they don’t say so. Use their name and quickly get to what you hope will interest them. Practice your opening line and hook them with something interesting. ‘Kim, this is Sam, I have something really cool to tell you…’

Make Them Feel Special. Use their name, mention the names of their family and friends if you have those Notes, ask open questions and listen hard, and be sure to thank them for their time. “Kim, before I go, what happened with the car problems. is everything taken care of now?”

Pace Yourself It is exhausting to make a lot of calls plus you will start to be bored with repeating your ‘pitch’ so be realistic about how many calls you can make in a row. Pace yourself and make 5 a day for 5 days instead of 25 calls on one day.

Stay hydrated (with water not caffeine), eat a light lunch, stretch, stand up to call, walk around the outside of the building at lunchtime, take the stairs for extra exercise, and breathe deeply before you call to focus yourself. All of these techniques will convey healthy energy in the quality of your voice.

And finally, practice practice practice. The drive to work is a great opportunity to talk out loud and imagine that you are making calls! Who cares what the other drivers think of your crazy antics.

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