7 Reasons to Call

You need good reasons to call your guests, stay in touch, and build the relationship. These are literally called Reasons To Call (RTC) by sales reps who make outbound calls to customers and prospects. With a good reason to call, you will sound enthusiastic and you can find an angle that conveys to the guest that you genuinely thought about them. This is the why the ‘Happy Birthday’ call is so easy to make.

Here are some other examples of good Reasons To Call:

Did You Hear? When your Resort Casino announces a new amenity, such as a golf course, you can call your guests that are golfers and ask them ‘Did you hear about our new golf course?”. The amenity does not have to be complete, in fact it is better if you can make a couple of calls. ‘Did you hear we are building?” and “Did you hear that we open in three weeks, let’s get you in’ and ‘We are open!’.

I Bet You Are Happy. You should follow the local sports teams and track which of your players are raving fans. When the team gets through to the next round, you can place the ‘I bet you are happy’ call and listen to them talk all about the game.

Did You See? We talked elsewhere about the idea that you should be tracking the Direct Mail offers. You can call and say ‘Did you see your $100 in free play next month? I’d hate you to miss your offer in all your mail. Let me know if you can’t find it?”

I Thought Of You. As you walk the Property, pay attention to the promotions, events and special offers. You can call and say ‘I thought of you this afternoon because we have a special Surf and Turf. Did you see it?” If there is a change in the slot mix in the High Limit room, or a commitment to always having a $20 blackjack table open, then you can call a whole list of people to say ‘I thought of you, did you notice the changes to the…’

What Did You Think? If there has been an upgrade to the cocktail bar with a really cool new layout and some stunning effects then wait a few weeks, pull a list of recent players, and call a whole list of people to ask ‘What do your think of the new cocktail bar? I’d love to get your opinion.’

Just Checking. If you are doing a good job of tracking your regular players, then you will notice when someone has not been in for a week. You can call with the ‘I have not seen you. Is everything okay? I just want to check that you are well?”

Welcome Back. If you learn that someone is going away, or going into hospital, then you make a note to contact them on their return. ‘I hope you had a great vacation! Tell me about Hawaii!” or ‘Welcome home, I just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery.’

Ideally, you keep notes on that guest, and how well they responded, so you can take a different approach the next time and add variety to the on-going conversation.

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