Use your Eyes! 5 ideas about Eye Contact

You are in Player Development and Casino Marketing so you already ‘Use Your Eyes’. This morning, I read a short article on Why Meeting Another’s Gaze is So Powerful. I always enjoy reading the research/theories behind what we intuitively know about how to interact with others.

1. We can use eye contact to convey a warm welcome to players, and our appreciation to our fellow employees.

2. If we avoid, or forget, to make eye contact with the Front Desk or Slot Attendant, then they can judge us aloof.

3. We have to hold our gaze for the ‘right amount’ of time to be not be creepy (3 secs max).

4. We can look in the mirror at ourselves and practice dilating our pupils for differing effects.

5. Finally, we all know how to ‘read’ other peoples eyes so your guests can intuitively read your emotions; which takes us back to the need in PD to sincerely enjoy others and want to make their day just that little better because of You.

John Fournier, Senior Executive Host at Harrah’s New Orleans, posted an excellent piece on Linked In this morning suggesting that if you are feeling bruised from an interaction with a difficult/demanding guest, then pick a random un-hosted player and go and give them some unsolicited attention. You will feel their appreciation and it will restore your faith in human interaction!

So, today, ‘Use Your Eyes for the Greater Good’. Even when you are rushing from one place to another, you can keep your head up, your heart open, and use your eyes to make contact and share the love!

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