Holiday Tips!

Tips for the Holidays!

It is time for the Holiday Season and you are really really really busy!

But it is not too late to make plans for adding some Wow for your players!

  • Cards! We have talked about this before. Go buy some cards, pre-sign them, and have them ready to hand out. You can often buy small ‘gift tag’ size cards that are cute.
  • Write your Gift list! Who are your top 5 players that deserve a personal gift from you? I am not talking about a marketing program; I am talking about you reaching into your own pocket. It doesn’t have to be expensive: a Starbucks card, a deluxe cookie, or a bonsai tree. If you know something about them, and you should!, then pick out something appropriate like a Yankee candle. Or a bonsai tree!
  • Chocolate Always Wins! Go to Walmart or your local Dollar Store and pick up mini-red bags and fill them with Hershey’s Kisses in red and green. Or buy up those bags of Chocolate Coins!
  • Plan to Call! You should always be looking for reasons to call the people who have not played, and the people that you have not spoken to. It can be embarrassing to make a cold call to an Inactive player but this is a great time to reach out with an easy excuse. You can call and wish them Happy Holidays or you can remind them of what is going on at Casino over the New Year. You don’t have to sell anything or book a trip – just express good will. So pull a list of 40 people and make a plan to call 8 a day for the next 5 days.
  • Yes it’s the Holiday Season and not just Christmas! This is the perfect opportunity for you to include all of your players. You don’t have to risk profiling people, making mistakes, and being offensive. But, educate yourself on the Holidays and rituals that are not your own. Set aside 30 minutes to google ‘all the holidays in December’ so you will pick up on what your guests are referring to, and be ready with your responses.
  • Focus on the New Year. In every culture, this is the time of year when we anticipate the end of Winter and the opportunity for new life in the New Year. If you are in a multi-cultural market then focus on the similarities across all cultures and pick out cards and small gifts that focus on gratitude, joy, and hope. That’s why the chocolate coins work! They express a hope for bounty and they express your thanks.
  • Be The Show! The Casino experience is all about Entertainment. Embrace the season, let your guard down a little, and have some fun. Let your guests see your lighter side.
  • Did I mention that you should Plan to Call! The Holidays are infamous for being a lonely time for many, and stressful for others. So make a list of Inactives and commit to calling them… it will build loyalty and drive some trips in January to get you started on your 2019 goals!

Happy Holidays, Jackie P.

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