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The Importance of Pace

It is important to provide a daily Pace report for each goal, so the Hosts can monitor their performance and adjust their tactics before it is too late.

To create a Pace report, we figure out three things:

(1) What is the percentage of the Goal? If the coded players for this Host have made 2,505 trips and the goal is 5,010 trips, then the Host is at 2505/5010 = 50%.

(2) What is the percentage of the quarter? If we are in Q2 then there are a total of 91 days from April 1st through June 30th. If yesterday was April 16th, the 16th day of Q2, then we are at 16/91 = 18% of the quarter.

(3) Finally, we compare the two percentages to determine if the Host is Ahead, On Goal, or Behind. If the Host already has 50% of their trips and we are only at 18% of the quarter, then the Host is most definitely Ahead! Congratulations!

Here is an example of a Pace report for Beth, a Player Development Executive, for the first day of the second quarter. Even though we have only data for the first day of the quarter, we can tell Beth that she has started well, and she is Ahead of her goal.

You must drive 5,010 trips for the Quarter.
As of 4/1, you have generated 100 trips which is 2% of your goal. We are at 1% of the Quarter and so you are Ahead.

We have compared the percentage of the quarter (1/91 = 1%) with the percentage of the goal (100/5010 = 2%). After the first day, 1% of the quarter has passed by, but Beth has generated 2% of the necessary trips, so she is Ahead.

Here is an example of a Pace report for Beth after the 15th day of the quarter.

You must drive 5,010 trips for the Quarter. As of 4/15, you have generated 701 trips which is 14% of your goal. We are at 16% of the Quarter and so you are Behind.

Unfortunately, Beth has now fallen behind, but because we are only 15 days into the quarter, she has an early warning and has time to catch up.

Share this article with your Database Marketing team or vendor! No more waiting until the end of the Quarter to see where you stand.

Management Pace Reporting

In the same vein, the manager of the PD team needs a weekly Pace report for all Hosts, so they can schedule a coaching session and find out why the Host is falling behind.

Beth      Ahead    19%
Kenny     On Goal  16%
Kim       Behind   8%
Colleen   Behind   6%
Paul      Behind   5%
After reading this weekly Pace report, the manager of Player Development can meet with Kim, Colleen and Paul to find out why they are falling behind and dragging down the team.

The Strategic Manager pays close attention and ensures each Host stays Ahead or On Goal from the very beginning. Otherwise it becomes too difficult to achieve the goals, and some members of the Host Team will give up and wait for the new Quarter to start over.


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