What is Your Annual Cycle? Gambling month by month…

When you write Casino Host Goals, they need to be SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).

Let’s consider the word Achievable in the context of Seasonality. You need to do some research regarding what is realistic for each quarter for your Property. It is unlikely that each quarter is the same, and it is unlikely that your Player Development team can grow play by the same amount in every quarter of the year.

For most properties, there is a seasonal factor based on the weather patterns. If you are in the mid-western USA, then Q1 is lower than other Quarters because snow and ice in January-March will deter players from venturing out. If you are in Arizona or Florida, then Q1 might be higher because of snowbirds escaping to your warmer climes.

Q4 is often slow because your customers have so many other Holidays and family commitments that need their time, and money, to enjoy. If Q4 is always slow, then you should you have a lower growth goal for Q4 than for the other Quarters.

Take a look at this chart… the data reported by State Gaming Commissions from across the United States shows a clear cyclical annual patterns in play based on annual life events such as tax returns, paying for Christmas gifts, and taking vacations in the summer.

You can see the same pattern across the USA for three consecutive years. March is high, June is low, July and August are high, and the fourth Quarter is low.

This analysis was created by Harvest Trends and described in 2012 by Susan Kesel, a Gaming industry executive, in an article in Gaming & Leisure Magazine.

Does this pattern still apply to your Property? Are you having a great March? Get ready for April! Or do you have a different annual cycle?

If you talk to the CFO, they will know the annual cycle because the Finance Department has to manage the cash flow throughout the year and not be impacted by this fluctuation in revenues.

And take this into consideration as you set your Casino Host Goals! This is why many goals are written as growth over the same Quarter last  year, and not as growth over the Previous Quarter.




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