Why Set Goals for Player Development?

As managers, we set goals so that employees are crystal clear on their priorities and how to allocate their time.

If you talk to your Hosts, you will find that they face a daily dilemma regarding how to divide their time between re-acting to guests who are on-property and proactively reaching out to players who could or should or would have been playing.

Especially if Executive Management voices the opinion that “Hosts should be on the gaming floor and not in their office on the phone”.

The Player Development Executives and Casino Hosts continue to have, an important role in providing superior customer service for the very best players when they are on-property.

We can think of this as ‘reactive’ behavior where the Player Development team react to the demands and desires of existing customers who have been identified as ‘valuable’ to the Casino and ‘coded’ to the Host by a Manager.

But the gaming industry has become extremely competitive, and so Executive Management also requires the Hosts to focus on strategies that will:

  • Attract and retain new valuable players,
  • Maintain and grow existing players, and
  • Re-activate players that have disappeared or declined.

In order to attract, maintain, grow, and re-activate players, the Hosts need to take a proactive approach to monitoring and influencing the behavior of their guests.

In particular, the Hosts need to find out who is not here but should be and reach out to those players to find out what is happening in their personal lives; are they unhappy with a service issue at your Casino, have their financial circumstances changed, or have they been attracted to the competition?

(You may need to invest in soft-skills training because not every Host that can successfully react to a customer standing in front of them, has the ability to proactively reach out via a ‘cold-call’ and find out, over the phone, why a guest has not played as often or with as high an ADT as before.)

The point is that we need the Player Development (PD) team to balance reactive customer service skills with proactive sales skills; and setting Host Goals is the way to drive this behavior.

By designing a set of goals that measure all of these different efforts and results, you create a framework that enables the Hosts to correctly spread their time and energies across this range of challenges.

In particular, it will help to balance time spent on the gaming floor reacting to guests who are here, with time spent in the office ‘developing’ players who are not here.


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